We partner with busy people to find cash flowing investments that are safely backed by real property.

Crew Capital Group (a division of Crew Property Solutions) is a family owned, Georgia real estate investment company that partners with busy people to invest in cash flowing rental properties. We specialize in locating discounted, off market rentals that provide great investment opportunities, effectively acquiring, rehabbing, and managing these properties with the goal to sell in 3-7 years.

Crew Capital Group educates, partners, and invests alongside our investors, ensuring all decisions are made with their investors’ best interest first. 



The primary goal of CCG is to preserve the initial investments of its investors while providing larger than normal cash on cash returns. We do this through investing in discounted, off market, value add, rental homes that are positioned to appreciate in 3-7 years.


Historically, rentals have been the strongest and most reliable investment due to their ability to remain strong during economic uncertainty. When real estate markets crash, often rental property investments become more lucrative due to people’s desire to rent.


In addition, studies show that Millennials want to rent rather than own. Due to the lack of supply of multi family properties, the future shows a rental market shortage which makes these properties more valuable and a more powerful investment vehicle.


Cash Flow

After all expenses are paid, quarterly distributions go out to investors.


Rental investing is less volatile and continues to outperform the S&P 500, and the investment is backed by real property.


Real estate appreciates in value over time.

Tax Benefit

Depreciation is a tax write-off that enables you to keep more of your profits.


You can leverage real estate, this allows you to buy $100k with only $25k.


Residents pay down debt which creates equity, this leads to long-term wealth.

We do all the work.
You will never deal with tenants or toilets.